Optimal Well Being for Mums – Love your Body and Life

Feel in control around food and lose weight permanently

Learn how to create clarity, confidence and calm

For women who want to feel happier and kick arse in daily life.

If you feel out of control with your eating habits, dissatisfied with your body image or completely powerless to change, then you’re in the right place. Together we will work on your mindset.

I won’t put you on a crash diet. I won’t make you climb up sand hills. I will give you  tools to be more aware, more confident and more empowered.

I’m Nicky Hammond

I’m a certified Master Coach. My specialty is mindset coaching for mums who feel overwhelmed and out of control. I want to help you feel empowered.

Instead of addressing the symptoms , I help women change from the inside out. That means we will work on your mindset.

You’ll gain life changing, practical tools to manage your mind. I will help you relationship with YOU, which is the key to permanent change. By the end of our time together, you will feel healthier, happier and more confident.

Want to get to know how I work and gain some quick mindset tools to get started on your journey?

Imagine finally believing you are enough…

You would no longer spend your time:


Beating yourself up


Worrying about how you are ruining your kids


Hiding your body.

You will have more time, energy and mental space:




Have fun (wear the clothes, go out, join in) AND


You'll have the confidence for so much more!

You will feel healthier, sexier and more confident.

Are you ready to start that journey?

Join me for….

A Power Session

Are you a perfectionistic people pleaser who wants to feel enough as a mum and a wife?

If you beat yourself up and don’t know how to get out of this rut, I’m here to help you. I know what it’s like. I have read all the parenting books. I tried all the methods in order to finally feel like I was enough as a mum. I was doing it all but I still didn’t feel like I was enough. I was overwhelmed. I want to help you create confidence in you. 

Imagine not beating yourself up all the time. Imagine the freedom of being able to use your time, focus and energy to enjoy life. Imagine how different your relationships would look if you .

The 45 minute power session will help you start that journey. I will teach you the secret to confidence.

I have lost 6kg in less than 3 months.

It’s not a fad. It’s not a quick fix. It gets you to deal with your emotions.


The biggest shift so far are my physical results, my weight is the lowest I’ve been since I had my son and I’ve tried lots of things. I like to have control of things but now I’m trying to just notice instead of relying on will power and fighting against myself


I realised the program was working when day to day life was becoming easier and enjoyable because I was taking care of myself and believing in myself. I would give the program 5 stars because it has changed my life (and those around me) so much!! Thanks so much for releasing/helping me find myself!!


Life coaching with Nicky has been life changing! My biggest fear before starting was that it would be extremely emotionally draining, but it was the exact opposite to that. It was emotionally uplifting and inspiring. ​ If you’re considering coaching then do it. It’s an investment in yourself and so what could be more important? Thank you so much for the fantastic program. You have kick-started a new chapter of my life and I’m very excited!! I am truly grateful.


The approach is different from everything I have tried before. Every session reveals something unknown about myself. I feel much more peaceful. Less stressed and angry.
DO IT- The benefits are visible and not only in weight loss but in your overall life.