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Want to take your coaching to the next level?

The Coach’s Coach

Want to take your coaching to the next level?

If you are lacking confidence in your coaching, and you want 1:1 support in the next part of your journey, I can help you. I am The Coach’s Coach.

No matter where you are, I can help you deepen your coaching ability, so you can master your coaching and best serve your clients.

I can show you how to take the coaching tools you already have to the next level, with confidence and clarity.

I’m Nicky Hammond

I’m certified as a Master Coach and I worked as a Coach Instructor. I’m completely obsessed with coaching. I am the Coach’s Coach.

I love helping other coaches dive into this work and master the art of coaching. If you feel like coaching is your calling but you also feel self doubt, don’t worry, I can help you access your genius.

I work intensively with my clients to nurture their growth and support their personal journey.

I’m a mindset coach. I have worked with hundreds of clients and students, helping them create awareness and overcoming mindset limitations.

After years of being a coach instructor, one of my ninja abilities is to give laser sharp feedback. I can help you see what you already do amazingly well, and I can show you the areas you can develop. I can give you concrete ways to improve as a coach.

One of the areas I have focused on personally, is my own thought work. I am a firm believer that when we master our own thought work, we bring clarity, and calm to our sessions. I provide teaching and mentorship on how to do this. When you clean up your mind, you can handle anything that comes up in a coaching session.

Want to learn how to clean up your mind before a coaching session?

Imagine showing up to your coaching sessions feeling like a badass…

You would no longer be:


Feeling unsure of what to do or ask next


Constantly second guessing yourself after a session


Feeling like a fraud offering your clients results you don’t know if you can deliver

You will show up:


Know what to do and what to ask in a session


Feeling confident about what you offer your clients


Enjoying coaching – the thing you are passionate about

Are you a coach who wants to take your coaching to the next level?

If you felt like you didn’t get enough feedback or attention whilst you were certifying as a coach, I can offer you some 1:1 support.

If you want some guidance from a Master Coach, so you know how to improve your coaching and answers to your burning questions, I am available.

If you want some support to know if you are going in the right direction, I can give you that clarity and answer your questions.

If you want to know more about The Coach’s Coach 6 month coaching program. Reach out!

I just want to give a huge shout out to you! You provide so much value and your caring personality I could not be happier to be connected with you. I am growing so much as a person and as a coach already in such a short amount of time. A sincere, sincere thank you for all that you are putting into your coach to coach program. It is truly amazing just like you

Julie  Life Coach By Julie

I was blown away by how extensive Nicky was in her feedback of my coaching. She went beyond the surface of the standards I had been taught in school, and really evaluated my ability to stay completely open and neutral. I did not expect to have so many "ah-ha" moments from Nicky's assessment of my coaching, but I see now what really differentiates her as a master coach.

Molly  Weight Loss for Food Lovers

Thank you so much for that last session. That, and every session I’ve had with you are creating consistent weekly shifts that are allowing me to move past beliefs that have kept me stuck for so long. I really needed to hear you tell me “That is just a thought,” today. Ha. I could be coached by you daily. I feel so honoured to have you as my coach. Thank you.

Brittany  Brittany Durazzani Coaching

I liked the most that you are easy to talk with and made me feel comfortable and safe right from the start. I loved your written feedback! It was so in depth and really gave me insight into where I can develop more and where I'm doing okay already. It was very valuable to receive that kind of feedback.

Nicole  Nicole Humble Coaching

Your written feedback was phenomenal. So thorough, insightful and thoughtful. That was my favourite part. I appreciated the positive things you shared and the feedback was very clear and things I can actually work on. It felt doable and exciting to have some new concrete things to try in sessions. This is the kind of master level feedback I've been yearning for! I felt so held and loved by her and we had just met! She truly has a gift for what she does.

Kim  Kim Roberts Coaching
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