Want help ditching the feeling of overwhelm?

We are mums, we have a list of things to do that never ends. It’s true! It’s common for us to feel overwhelmed when we think about all the things on the list. When we think about our deadlines and how little time we actually have. That feeling of overwhelm makes our heart beat faster, we feel frazzled, out of control, it’s hard to focus and the next thing you know you are sitting in the kitchen scrolling through Facebook or just grabbing the car keys and getting out of the house. The feeling of overwhelm drives us to do two things. The first one is to stop in our tracks and do nothing. The second thing is to distract ourselves from that uncomfortable feeling by eating, drinking, shopping, facebooking…. Whatever feels better in the moment.

I know because I’ve been there. So I know the result of this, is not getting the jobs done. It means the list seems to just get LONGER which further reinforces the cycle, because we are back where we started – overwhelmed!

I want to offer you a solution! It’s what worked for me and it can totally work for you too. I am going to teach you the concept and coach you on what is going on specifically in your life in a mini call.

Mini Calls

A mini call is a 30 minute free call with me.
Experience first hand what it’s like to be coached.
Leave the call knowing exactly how to ditch overwhelm.

Getting on the phone for half an hour can change your life. It will simply be a two way conversation where you share what is currently happening in your life. I don’t judge anything you say. I simply to listen to you, reflect your thoughts back to you and then offer you at least one life changing coaching tool to help you going forward. It’s a great way to learn more about yourself and my coaching. If you feel ready, I can tell you more about my coaching programs and answer any questions you have. But don’t worry, there is no obligation to sign up to one of my programs, in fact I only work with people who are ready!

If you want to know how to ditch overwhelm, now is the best time to take action. Sign up here:

If you are feeling nervous, that’s totally normal – this is what someone else had to say about my mini session:

“Your mini session was really helpful in helping me look at my thinking and what was really important to me. I’m so very grateful.”
– IB

I only do two mini sessions each week and they fill up quickly so make sure you sign up for a mini session by hitting this link, enter in your details and I’ll do the rest. Speak soon!