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Lacking confidence and feeling overwhelmed?

Lacking confidence and feeling overwhelmed?

 Book a one on one Power Session with me

If you want to experience the magic of coaching, sign up for a session.

Imagine feeling more confident about who you are. Imagine not questioning yourself and beating yourself up all the time about your body, your parenting. Imagine loving your life and loving yourself. You would show up in the world to create more, contribute more, BE more of you. Imagine creating optimal well being, inside and out. 

The power session is a one on one coaching session with me. I will teach you how to implement this tool in your life, specific to your situation. I will help you uncover the obstacles preventing you from feeling confident and in control of your life. I will coach you. Coaching is a conversation. It’s when someone helps you see something you do not already see and opens your mind to what is possible. That is where all change begins. You will walk away with a plan and a new mindset.

The price for the power session is $800 AUD.

This offer is available to everyone, but there is a limit of one session per person as Power Sessions are heavily discounted.

Get started on your mindset to create optimal well being today.


I Know That It Can Feel Scary To Take That First Step,

but in order for you to create a different result in your life, you have to take an action you have never taken before. You have to use courage. Courage is when you take action despite the fear.

A power session could be the start of your weight loss journey for the last time. You just have to show up. I will do the rest.

A power session could be the start of you create a life and body you love. You just have to show up. I will do the rest.

This is what Sarah Johnston said about my Power Session:

The Power Session covered so much ground! We covered concepts that had taken me years to accumulate – the power session pulled all the strings together. I would rate the Power session 5 stars. Do it!

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