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Learn why you can’t say no to food and how to fix it!

A Letter to the Courageous Mums Out There

Dear courageous mum of a young child/children,   Have you had several glorious and gruelling years as a SAHM with your precious children?   Have the bleary eyed days and nights where sleep was a forgotten memory of yesteryear?   Now you get most of the night to sleep...

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Why My Clients Don’t Need More Will Power

If you think will power is the only way to stop overeating then you need to keep reading. Will power is the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. We use it to stop indulging in the food and drink that are responsible for our current weight. Will power...

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Why Mums Can’t Stop Hiding in the Pantry

I’m going to teach you yet another reason why you turn to food. Why am I teaching you this? Because knowledge is power! We live in a world where we are surrounded by extreme pleasure. Have you noticed how easy it is to buy pleasure? An ice-cream or a handful of...

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How I Finally Got My Pre Baby Body Back

I was sitting at work, opening my drawer to find my stash of chocolate. “Just one more won’t hurt. I’ve worked so hard. I deserve it.” Sound familiar? It had been 3 years since I’d had my last baby and I was the heaviest I had ever been. I went home and ate our usual...

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The Secret to Body Confidence

Do you wish you had a different body? Do you think that if your body was a certain way – slimmer waistline, smaller thighs, tighter butt – then you would feel confident? I have some news for you. Sit down. Your body is not what makes you feel unconfident or confident....

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People With Amazing Lives Still Feel Emotional Pain

Do you have an amazing life, so amazing that people you meet comment on your life, how lucky you are and yet you feel empty or aching inside?   The women that I work with are amazing. Many of them have an incredible life, they have had a successful career, they are...

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Do you wish you could say “no” to food or alcohol?

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