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About Nicky

Professional Weight Coach

Hi, I’m Nicky Hammond. I’m a mum, a certified weight coach, a Coach Instructor at the Life Coach School and a recovered chocoholic. I know what it feels like to feel out of control when it comes to food.

If you have already tried all the diets and you don’t know where to turn next, I want to offer you something different.

I used the coaching tools I teach, to kick a serious chocolate habit and finally get back my pre baby body. I used those same tools to help me feel healthier, sexier and more confident. I want to help you do the same.

The good news


The great news

I teach the tools to help you say “no” to food, without using willpower.

The best news

I teach you the how and the why so you will be able to implement the tools forever, even after the program finishes.

















How I can help!

The only reason you haven’t been able to sustain weight loss until now, is because no-one has taught you how.

I can teach you.

Currently your body is storing fat. I can teach you how to reverse this process so your body can BURN fat.

But more importantly I can help you say “no” to foods that currently make you feel out of control.

I want you to know that the same reason you feel out of control is the same reason we survived as a human race. Your primitive brain is simply doing its job to keep you alive. 

If you want my help, the first step is for you to sign up for a free mini session with me. I will show you why you have your current results, how to get different results and how it is possible for anyone, even you, to finally get your pre-baby body back.

I know that it can feel scary to take that first step, but in order for you to create a different result in your life, you have to take an action you have never taken before. You have to use courage. Courage is when you take action despite the fear.

A free mini session could be the start of your weight loss journey for the last time. You just have to show up. I will do the rest.

Join the Healthy Mama Tribe

Imagine if you could finally end your weight struggle, for good…

You wouldn’t spend your time thinking about food, or worrying about your health or hiding your body.

You would have more energy to play with the kids, you would look forward to bedroom antics on date night and you’d have the confidence to be so much more.

You would feel healthier, sexier and more confident.

Do you want to start that journey?

I want to offer you a free resource to get you started. Hit the “Learn More” button below. 

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