Feel Confident as a Woman and a Mum

Feel Confident as a Woman and a Mum

Hi I’m Nicky Hammond.

I’m a certified Master Coach. My specialty is mindset coaching for mums who want to feel healthy and confident. I want you to know that I’ve been where you are.

I hit rock bottom when I realised my years of over-achieving and search of happiness from external factors wasn’t providing me the satisfaction in life I was looking for.

I was miserable.

 I had no love and compassion towards myself. I wasn’t taking care of myself and I felt stuck.

I started working with a life coach who helped me change my mindset and step by step I focused on me.

I worked on my mindset to get to a place where I was confident. Then, I worked on my physical wellbeing, so I felt healthier than ever before.

My new mindset felt empowering and for the first time in years I felt excited about life. This inspired me to become a mindset coach working with mums.

I use the tools that worked for me. I won’t put you on a crash diet. But I will give you mindset tools to be more aware, more confident and more empowered.

I’ll be on your journey to guide you and help you create the right mindset for optimal well being, inside and out!

Change Your Mindset to Love Your Body

I will help you understand what is preventing you from loving and feeling comfortable in your body. I will show you how nothing is wrong with you and how you can finally believe that you are enough exactly as you are – buy that new wardrobe, wear that bikini and come out of hiding.

I will give you the tools so you can coach yourself and maintain your mental health and motivation.

I believe so strongly in the tools I teach and the power of creating the right mindset for optimal well being.


I’m Here To Help You Make Lasting Change

Sign up to do a one off 1:1 coaching session with me to uncover the mindset obstacles holding you back so you can begin your journey to a more confident and healthier version of you.

Creating The Right Mindset for Optimal Well being

A holistic and empowering approach to a kick arse life

I work closely with each client to understand what is preventing them from loving their life, body and creating more of what they want.

The only reason you don’t already have this mindset, is because no-one has taught you how.

I can teach you.

I will teach you how to coach yourself. I will teach you how to change your mindset and create lasting change FOR GOOD.

I want you to help you create abundance around your belief about yourself and your life. There is nothing wrong with you. In fact you are whole, beautiful and there is more to life if you are willing to show up for you. 

Most importantly, I help you uncover the reasons you feel stuck and overwhelmed. We will explore the root of the problem and solve that! It has EVERYTHING to do with the way you are thinking. Change your mindset to change the way you feel, the way you show up in the world and the confidence you have in you.

We will remove the obstacles so you have more time, energy and desire for the more exciting things in life.

I will give you the tools, so once we’ve finished our time together, you will know how to coach yourself and keep growing. With the right mindset you will thrive!

If you want my help, the first step is to sign up for a power session with me.