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May 2, 2022

Emotional Safety in Coaching

I think emotional safety is important. Do you?

As humans I think we can experience physical safety and emotional safety. Both are important, but as coaches, I think we can expand our understanding of emotional safety.

When I talk about emotional safety, I mean the ways we can create safety before, during and after we experience emotions. We have been talking a lot about this recently in The Coach’s Beta Course on 1:1 Mindset Coaching.

I think of emotional safety before, as education about emotions.

I think of emotional safety during, as how we can intellectually and physically create safety for ourselves to identify, allow and process emotions, which gives us the tools to teach and co-regulate our clients.

I think of emotional safety after, as how we nurture our nervous system after we have experienced emotions.

I’m still learning about safety, and I will continue to learn more so I can implement it in my own life and in my coaching sessions.

How do you approach emotional safety? How do you implement emotional safety in your life?