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April 22, 2022

Building a Business is F#@*ing Hard!

Building a business is fucking hard. There I said it. A few hundred business, mindset coaches might come after me, but I’m ok with that. AND building a business is a totally different skill to being a coach.

It’s OK if you are struggling with it. It’s ok to admit to yourself that it’s fucking hard! Because then you can forgive yourself. You can stop judging yourself. You can stop comparing and despairing.

There is no benchmark for success. (Even though some coaches would like us to believe there is.)

Let go of the comparison!!!! And let go of the rules! Throw those goddamn rules out the window.

What if, instead, you dug deep into you heart driven desire to help people. Knowing that the only way you can share your gift is to communicate it in some form… then what would you do? What lights you up? What makes your heart sparkle? Is it through 1:1 conversation? Is it though speaking to another human and sharing your resources? Is it through teaching on video? Is it through writing from your heart? What if that first step is to find a little spark and sharing that joy. And you can breathe life into that spark as time goes on. But there is no rush. Follow that little spark…

I tried following the strategies I was taught. They worked because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone, and in retrospect, out of my integrity, time and time again. But I actually think that it slowed me down… It definitely slowed me down from creating a business I love. I’m currently turning my business upside down, so that it feels authentic, to create a business I love.

I also know that how I got here was perfect.

But maybe I can help you align more to who you are in business. If you are like me, if you have a strong sense of values, if the INTERNAL results, the feelings are more important that just making money, building a business from the heart is going to serve you.

AND what if this is the key to finding more ease in the journey of creating the business you dream of? How you can authentically communicate your desire to help people?

I hope this gives you some freedom to do it YOUR way ❤️