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March 17, 2022

Your coaching business is inevitable

I want you to take a moment to imagine that your dream coaching business is inevitable.

Can you conjure up this experience in your imagination (even if it’s just for a moment)? Imagine that you KNOW that this is going to come to fruition. That you are going to deliver your coaching and your people are going to benefit from what you offer.

You can become a person that believes in your dream coaching practice. (Some of you already believe this.) You can give yourself permission to step into that belief and BE that person. Becoming that person starts with a possibility (even if it’s very small).

When you become a person, who knows that the coaching business you are currently working on, is inevitable, the little things seem to matter less. You start to believe that there is no “behind”. The obstacles are part of the learning process. If you don’t show up perfectly, that’s OK too, because you trust yourself to keep showing up, no matter what, and sometimes that looks messy, and that’s ok. You’ve got your own back when things don’t go to plan. You have compassion for yourself along the way. No matter what the journey looks like, you are taking the perfect path for YOU.

Your dream coaching business is inevitable.

Can you imagine being that person? Practice it. Sometimes we think beating ourselves up is the best way to make progress. It works in the short term but it’s not sustainable. An alternative is to gently redirect ourselves over and over again. Taking action with love and compassion is sustainable.

As humans it’s our natural default that when we enter the new territory or step outside of our comfort zone, to doubt ourselves. So expect your brain to remind you that this is dangerous and decide when it’s true. We can love that part of our brain that tries to keep us safe and when it’s not true, we can redirect it to a different thought:

“My coaching business is inevitable.”