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March 2, 2022

Embodying new thoughts

I specialise in mindset. One of the things I am teaching in my new course is how to embody new thoughts.

When we embody a thought, we are able to believe it in our mind and the belief resonates in our body.

Embodying new thoughts can happen instantly. But often it takes more than an instant and a dash of inspiration. So, the question is, how CAN we help our clients embody new beliefs?

I think it’s a process that can involve the mind and body. The mindset piece that I delve into, is a process of uncovering the obstacle thoughts. The thoughts that prevent us from embodying a new belief must first be uncovered, then questioned. Holes can be poked, new revelations can be made, so those thoughts can be released, tossed away or fade, to make space to embody a new belief. I have a suitcase full of frameworks that I teach my coach clients to use in a coaching conversation so they can help their clients release their obstacles thoughts and embody new ones.

I’m going to share my best ones in my program. If you want a taste of my teaching, check out some of my highlights on my IG profile.