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February 3, 2022

End of Year Reflection

The end of the year is always a time of reflection.

I just went back through my calendar to remind myself what life looked like at the beginning of the year. And a few words came to mind as I perused through all the months of the year.


It’s been a year of connecting with other coaches. If you have been one of those coaches with who I’ve connected, I’m grateful for you! I’ve learned so much from all of you. From my clients, my mentors, teachers, coaches, peers and colleagues. You guys rock!

The other word that comes up for me this year is:


I’ve been courageously honest with myself, which has seen me painfully look at my own personal failings, and ways I have stepped out of my own integrity. On the other side of that honesty has been so much personal growth. A growth in confidence, self-knowing, acceptance and authenticity. I feel like I am coming home. I turned my business inside out and I am both terrified and exhilarated to see what happens next!

And I haven’t just been honest with myself. I’ve been much more honest with the world. It’s felt raw and vulnerable at times. I’ve told other people my truth about other businesses, coaching programs, the coaching industry and ethical conduct. And on the other side of that rawness, I am healing and I have heard from many of you, that it’s helping you do the same. ❤️

I haven’t even mentioned COVID lockdowns and homes schooling. 😝 It’s been quite the year!

What about you? What comes to mind when you think about 2021?