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December 16, 2021

Metaskills required for transformation

Every month I have been meeting my 1:1 clients and ex-clients to discuss some advanced coaching concepts with them. They tell me that they love it. It’s an opportunity to explore new ideas and they mentioned that it’s very inclusive. Every individual is welcome and invited to make a contribution. All contributions are appreciated and valued. (This is something I think is important, it’s a culture I am fostering on purpose!)

One topic we spoke about this month was the Metaskills we see as important for transformation. By transformation, I mean creating internal & external growth/accomplishment and healing.

I came up with a list we discussed. Here is the list:

  • Mindset – being able to see that we interpret the world through a lens,
  • Observation/awareness (responsibility for what we are choosing to believe and in our capacity to change)
  • Permission to change (your thoughts, beliefs and actions)
  • Acceptance of our own thoughts, feelings and human self, with compassion (self-love because loving growth is sustainable, capacity for self-care and making yourself a priority)
  • Emotional fitness (to allow and process all feelings including courage, fear, failure, not knowing, out of control, creating feelings on purpose)
  • Open to new possibilities (abundance, creativity, flexibility and resilience)
  • Honouring word to self (self-trust)
  • The art of decision making

And then I offered them some metaskills that I see as mastery and for next-level expansion.

  • Moving towards the unknown (trust in the universe)
  • Capacity to move through the learning curve (beginning, not knowing, practising, building, proficiency, embodying the practice and mastery)
  • The art of not caring so you can care on purpose, (release the hustle, releasing the fighting of reality, come from sufficiency or abundance, releasing control over what we cannot control, releasing expectations)
  • Sitting in the paradox
  • Recognising the value in the lessons that teach us who we are not and what we don’t want