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December 9, 2021

Fear Vs Integrity

I’ve been showing up a lot lately and talking about hard things. And you know what? I feel a response in my nervous system. I’m afraid BUT I want to tell you that it feels different from when I was taking actions that felt out of integrity.

A teacher who had a huge influence on me once said, “it’s supposed to feel terrible”. And this is true! It’s also nuanced.

There was a stage in my personal growth journey in the last few years when I felt like I was on FIRE. I actually described one of the feelings I could conjure up as “on fire”. I felt unstoppable. I felt motivated, determined and driven almost all of the time. I was taking risks, and courageously diving headfirst into everything I had previously feared and avoided. I was moving so fast and making decisions so quickly that I didn’t have time to reflect. I wasn’t listening to my integrity or my intuition.

It felt terrible. I thought it was supposed to. And I still think that growth feels terrible BUT when we do hard things and we are in integrity with our values, we can experience the discomfort of growth and at the same time feel grounded, purposeful and loving.

If you have a strong sense of integrity like me, not listening to your integrity will slow you down, and hold you back from creating what you truly want. There is no rush. Take the time to listen to your intuition and learn to distinguish between the healthy discomfort of stepping outside your comfort zone and the discomfort of not listening to yourself. ❤️ It’s a metaskill. Your intention to improve this metaskill is all that you need right now.