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November 2, 2021

What We Really Offer as Coaches

I think conventionally coaching is a conversation between a coach and a client. But I have come to realise that it’s much more than that.

So broadly it’s a relationship, it’s an exchange that people agree upon where the coach offers their client a way to create more of what they desire – a different or new result.

It can be between individuals or a group. It can be offered in conversation, in silence or in exchange of energy. It can be spoken, it can be in writing or neither of those things.

I coach in a conventional sense. I coach online. I’m a 1:1 coach and coaching is a relationship is a conversation between me and my client.

I coach on different levels. I coach my clients’ conscious brain, I coach my clients’ unconscious brain and I coach on an energetic level.

And I offer my clients the ability to create more of what they want through:

  • Self-knowing
  • Empowerment
  • New possibilities

Self-knowing is when we shine a light on our clients past, present and future. Who were they, who are they, what have they created, what do they truly desire/want to create and what patterns, thoughts feelings and actions enable or prevent them from creating what they truly desire.

Empowerment is uncovering where our client has power. So often we don’t realise we are blocking ourselves because of our beliefs, because of our fear, because of our unwillingness to feel discomfort. It can include healing and expansion. When we can see how truly powerful we are, the empowerment comes from that knowledge, that we can choose who we are, what we do and create in the world.

New possibilities are when we open up our client’s minds to the myriad of other possibilities they have not considered and help them to step into belief and possibility. Helping them believe new thoughts, create new energy and understand the process of transformation.

I think that as coaches when we offer these things to our clients we help our clients release their unnecessary suffering, create more acceptance, compassion and love in the world.  It enables our clients to self actualise – to step into the realm of expansion and creation. Our clients are able to create their human experience more deliberately, so they can live more fully expressed as their unique, authentic selves.