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September 23, 2021

About Me and My Coaching Program

My name is Nicky Hammond and I’m a Master Certified Coach. I am the Coach’s Coach. I used to be a coach instructor for the Life Coach School, but I no longer teach the MODEL. I created my own business and my own coaching tools. Now I teach my clients how to take their coaching beyond the model. I teach coaches how to deepen the coaching conversation, step into their identity as a coach with confidence, let go of rules so they can embrace their own unique way.

I loved the in-person coaching certification I did in 2017. But when I finished, I didn’t feel like it was enough. I practised, I coached clients for free and I wanted MORE. Because I knew that coaching works. I wanted to be an amazing coach and build a thriving business.

So I signed up for Master Coach Training. I got feedback and I learned all the concepts taught by my teacher. I got to the point where I could practically spout those ideas word for word, but it didn’t feel authentic. I didn’t feel completely aligned with all those concepts. Over time I gave myself permission to do it differently. I created my own concepts and tools.

I found the nurturing I needed from one to one coaches, who met me where exactly where I was. Who helped me know myself better and become more of who I am.

The group Master Coach Training program couldn’t have done that for me, which is now why I have decided to remain a 1:1 coach. I offer my clients the feedback AND the support I craved when I was new to coaching.

I’m a 1:1 coach who has the ability to meet you where you are and give you the space to do it YOUR WAY. I’m a coach, mentor and teacher. I’m offering all the things that helped me become the coach I am today.

If you want to know more about what I teach, I am going to share lots of ideas about how to expand a coaching conversation. BUT I want you to take what I offer with a grain of salt. If it resonates… Keep it, practice it, use it. If it doesn’t resonate, that’s ok, because you will find your own way. Be willing to listen to YOU.

If you want to learn more about my six month, 1:1 coaching program, send me an email at