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May 18, 2021

How to Become Your Best Coach Self

What are you already doing to become your best coach self?

Get honest with yourself.

When I signed up for Master Coach Training at The Life Coach School I didn’t think that I would be accepted. In fact, I thought I’d have to apply at least 3 times before they would accept my application.

I didn’t think I was ready. I hadn’t coached enough. I wasn’t even very good at coaching. I just knew I LOVED coaching. I was determined to keep practicing. To get better so one day I could join the training program and become A MASTER COACH!

Imagine my surprise when I got a Slack from Brooke Castillo that said: Congratulations. You have been accepted into Master Coach Training.”

I was elated and excited… and scared shitless.

I signed up and then the program started. I had to submit a coaching recording. I had to submit projects.

I thought “Oh shit, they are going to find out I don’t belong here.”

I didn’t know if I was doing it right, I didn’t think I was a good coach. In fact, sometimes I thought I sucked. But I loved the work. I knew that even if I wasn’t an amazing coach in that moment, there was a coach inside of me and in order to let her shine, I had to show up despite my fear, my embarrassment and my shame.

I remember feeling like I was wearing blinkers. I was deep in emotional discomfort and I could only look straight ahead. I was afraid that if I looked too hard, if I explored too much I wouldn’t be able to move forward. So I took one step after the other. I got feedback on my coaching. I submitted my work for all to see. The feedback felt brutal because of the lens I was wearing. A lens of not enough.

I know how it feels to be passionate about coaching. To have this inner knowing that I am a coach but also to be faced with intense fear of facing the obstacles that have held me back time and time again. If that is you. I get it. One step is enough. On the other side is a feeling. You’ve got this. Let the coach in you shine. Just take that one next step. You are doing it!