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April 28, 2021

Extraordinary Success as A Life Coach

I’m talking about a topic that is close to my heart now, that I never used to think about – EVER!

I invest in myself all the time. I buy things that help me take care of myself, that help me expand and learn, that increase my capacity to be a better human, mum, partner and business owner. Courses, coaches, programs, holistic health investments… 

But there was a time when I didn’t invest in me.

Let me tell you about the first and most powerful time I did that. Actually, I didn’t have the strength to do it by myself. I needed someone to help me.

3.5 years ago I thought my biggest job was to support and look after my family – I organised the kids activities, I kept the house running and I supported my husband’s business ventures. My life was good, except I didn’t know how to look after me, let alone invest in myself.

I knew deep down I wanted to do more in my life. And as I became increasingly dissatisfied by the work I was doing, I found a podcast that changed my life. In literally months, my husband was asking what I was doing differently. I told him, I was listening to a podcast about Life Coaching and I wanted to become a life coach. I was recently featured on this podcast, you can listen here:

I knew I was going to become a life coach but only one of my boys had started school and the cost of the coach training program I wanted to do was A LOT. I told myself “I’m not ready yet” but really I was so scared to invest the time, energy and money in myself, when I didn’t know if it would pay off. So we discussed it and we said, yes, “one day”…

But the next week my husband found me in a pile on the floor crying. I was spent. I was exhausted. He told me to apply for the course that year. He gave me permission to invest in myself. I was on the phone to their enrolment officer the next week and we paid the money.

I flew to America from Australia. I left my kids for the first time ever for 10 whole days to learn more about life coaching. (I had only ever been away from my oldest son the night my younger son was born.) The decision was BIG! It was in this act and through the work I did that I gave myself permission to believe in myself enough, to make an investment of money, time and myself. And if you listen to that podcast episode, you will learn a bit more about how that decision worked out for me. Spoiler alert, the podcast is called “Extraordinary Success”.

If you are a coach, you are asking people to invest in themselves. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing. Are you also investing in you?

I have a one to one 6 month coaching program for coaches, to help them take their coaching to the next level. If you want to know more about my program, reach out