December 29, 2020

How I became a guest on The Life Coach School Podcast

Can someone pinch me? A podcast called ‘Extraordinary Success as a Life Coach” was created by my teacher Brooke Castillo and she invited me to be a guest on it. You can listen to it here. It’s a group of incredible women who tell their story of how they became the life coaches they are today. I tell my story on the podcast.

When Brooke announced the name of the podcast I was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt proud to join these incredible women who have been my examples of what is possible, women I’ve followed, learned from and now peers. I also felt intense self doubt.

If you are wondering how I got on a podcast called Extraordinary Success as a Life Coach, I’m going to tell you my secret. It might not be what you think…

When Brooke Castillo’s personal assistant reached out to me to invite me to be a guest on the podcast, I considered saying “no”. The fear I felt was real. The podcast pitch was to talk about our financial success. I told myself I’m not ready. I haven’t cleaned up my brain about my money mindset enough… And the list goes on. My primitive brain was kicking in. It was trying to keep me safe from humiliation, disappointment and failure.

The reason I was a guest on The Life Coach School Podcast is because for the past few years, every time I have felt this way, I have willing to move towards the fear. I have been willing to take action even when my primitive brain is screaming at me “It’s not safe, you are going to DIE!”

The way I like to describe it is, I turned up the volume on my personal growth to really fucking loud and I did this by deciding on purpose to move towards discomfort, over and over again.

Becoming a life coach, a Master Coach, a coach instructor and building my own business meant me saying “yes” in the face of fear. I said “yes” when I didn’t think I was ready. I did the work of investigating my mind, increasing my emotional fitness and going through the uncomfortable process of changing my identity. I am no longer the person who feels trapped by my self imposed limitations. I say “yes”. I decided that my fear would no longer hold me back and I stepped into courage.

The podcast dropped on Christmas Day for me. You might think it was the best Christmas present ever. Being a guest on the podcast that was the catalyst for so much personal transformation for me over the past few years. Fear came up again. It will keep coming up for me, just like it will come up for you.

So now you know the secret to turning the volume up on personal growth and becoming the person who was invited to be a guest on a podcast called “Extraordinary Success as a Life Coach”. Would I recommend it? Hell, it’s not for everyone. But now you know you have the choice and that’s a beautiful thing. Are you willing to face your fears? If it’s a yes, I’d love to hear what your next courageous step is going to be!