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July 27, 2020

Happiness and Weight Loss

You think that when you reach a certain number on the scales you will finally be happy.

You will wear that dress.

You will show up to events feeling confident.

You think your weight and body is the key to happiness.

The good news is, that’s not true. Your body and the number on the scales has nothing to do with your happiness. It’s your thoughts that make you happy.

It’s when you allow yourself to think:
“My body is amazing!”
“I love my body just the way it is.”
“I love my life.”
That’s how you create the feeling of happiness.

The problem is when you tell yourself, “when I weight this amount I will be happy”. You are depriving yourself of happiness right now. You have the ability to give yourself permission to think that thought.

If you don’t give yourself permission now, when you finally get to that weight, chances are, you will tell yourself, “just a little bit more, then it will be enough, then I will be happy”. You are on the hamster wheel. You will never be happy.

The alternative is to give yourself permission to think thoughts that make you happy right now. You are allowed to do that.

You might be nervous, that if you allow yourself to be happy right now, then you will never lose the weight. But the opposite is true. When you are happy, it feels like you are being drawn towards your goals. Instead of beating yourself up along the way and pushing yourself, with sweat and tears, you can find compassion and love along the journey. It feels so much better.

The first step towards becoming a person who can be happy with their weight right now is to create awareness. It’s going to be uncomfortable. Write down all the nasty thought you have about your body. The next step is very important. I want you to look at those thoughts as an observer WITHOUT judgement. Your thoughts are sentences in your mind. Notice them, be curious about them. Don’t let the sentences mean anything. Then let the sentences go. Give yourself permission to thing something different.

This is what coaching is. It’s a way to decide on purpose how you want to think so you can create feelings on purpose. If you want to know more about it, send me a message or sign up for a power session!