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June 28, 2020

How to be Happy with Your Weight

You get on the scales and your eyes turn downwards. You see the number. Your stomach drops, your shoulders sink and your face falls. You are not happy.

You probably don’t believe me when I tell you, it’s possible to be happy with your weight.

You might be thinking, yes I’ll be happy when I drop a bunch of weight.

But I’m not talking about the future. I’m talking about being happy about your weight right now.

It seems really counter intuitive for you to be happy at this weight.

You probably think it’s a crazy thing to do. You think it will prevent you from losing weight. The opposite is true!

The number on the scales, is just a number! It’s what you make the number mean that makes you feel terrible.

Think about it. When you think about the weight of a chicken breast, you don’t judge it. You don’t think a light chicken breast is more or less worthy because of the number on the scale.

Imagine if you didn’t judge you. It would feel so much better.

Imagine a world where every body is a beautiful body.

Imagine if you decided to be happy with your weight today. You would start to notice all the things that your body does for you. It’s strong. It’s responsive. It serves you.

If you were happy with your weight, you wouldn’t hide.

You would wear clothes that felt great. You would show up with pride.

You would want to take care of your body.

You could feel happy about your weight AND you could still want to change.

In fact, creating change when you love and accept your body is easier. It’s the only way to lose weight permanently.

Just like when we cook our favourite meal and it makes us happy, but we realise we could make it EVEN better next time by adding a handful of fresh coriander.

The key to being happy with your weight, is to realise the only reason you are currently not happy with your weight, is because of a story you are telling yourself. That you “should” be lighter/thinner/smaller. Often it’s because of what we have been fed by society. There is a certain way that people should look/weight/be. That’s all made up. You get to decide. You can decide to choose happy.

If you want some help about creating that mindset so you can find freedom and finally be happy with your weight AND create permanent weight loss (if you want to). Reach out to me or sign up for a Power Session.