January 30, 2020

The Life Coach School in Australia

Hey there, have you heard of The Life Coach School? You might be looking at this blog post because you listen to a podcast by the amazing Brooke Castillo, or you might follow me and be interested in where I certified to become a life coach. (If you haven’t listened to Brooke’s podcast, it’s amazing, the link is here.)

I’m excited to tell you about it. Because I believe I got certified by THE BEST life coach school on the planet. I live in Australia and I flew to California to certify with Brooke Castillo because her coaching tools are amazing.
I have some good news, there are many coaches who certified with The Life Coach School in Australia. We all work with different people and I’m going to tell you a bit about each of us.
At the moment we all work with one on one clients. This is even more amazing news, because if you’ve never been coached one on one you are in for a treat. Life coaching is basically setting aside time for you with a support person at your side to help you explore your mind, to find out what you truly want in life and remove any obstacles that exist in your mind to get there. It feels so amazing! Sometimes it’s emotional and challenging but the results… are whatever you want them to be, if you are willing to do the work.
There is a growing number of The Life Coach School coaches in Australia, woohoo AND we all offer the opportunity to have a chat with us if you want to know more. That means, you will get some one on one coaching, and then we will teach you at least one amazing coaching tool and then if you want to dive deeper we are happy to explain how you can work with us – no obligation. We want to share this work with as many people as we can!
Have a look at who each of us work with below, and if you don’t fit the profile, drop us an email so we can discuss ?
Nicky Hammond:
I am a mindset weight loss coach. I work one-on-one with moms who feel out of control, dissatisfied with their body and powerless to change. I know what that feels like to feel stuck. I used the tools to work on my physical and mental wellbeing. I am happier and healthier than ever before. I am passionate about helping other mums do the same. I teach those mums how to lose weight without using the deprivation and resistance. I show them how to lose weight permanently and create a life that they love. The women I work with, end up feeling healthier, happier and more confident. 
Schedule a Power Session here.


Maree White
Maree is a Weight coach. She offers intelligent and intuitive weight loss for woman. She works with professional women over 40, who love food and wine and want to lose 10kg or less. She teaches women who struggle with their weight how to love and respect their body so they can shed the kilos for good in order to clear the path to other goals.
Schedule a no obligation chat here.
Kate Fitzsimons
Kate is a teen resilience specialist and youth motivational speaker, she was named Australia’s top 100 Women of Influence, after spearheading an organisation which educates young people about safety after her sister tragically died in a motorbike accident overseas. Kate offers The Resilience Program as a presentation to schools, as well as one on one coaching. The Resilience Program addresses teen stress, anxiety and bullying. The program educates students, provides them with strategies and tools to build resilience and develop a growth mindset. Kate has spoken to over 50,000 teens in over 100 schools. Kate also offers personal mentorship and life coaching for teens parents and teachers.
Dex Randall
Dex is Life Coach for men. He coaches driven high-performing men to find more success, reward and enjoyment at work. If you have outward success but it’s left you exhausted and worried, Dex is your guy. Meet Dex for a free online consult to discuss solutions to your work stress.
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Angie Slater
Angie Slater is a Life Coach who works with woman who are struggling with their relationship with their Ex. Woman who want a different life post divorce who are 100 percent committed to having the life they want. She teaches clients how to get the support they need and break through resistance to take back their own power.
Schedule a free 45 minute consultation by email info@angieslater.com.au


Caroline Ayles
Caroline specialises in weight loss coaching for perimenopausal mums. Her goal is to empower women/mums to take back control of their hormones, gain freedom around food  and ultimately create an even better life.
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So there you have it, I’m sure that this is just the beginning, I know more individuals are going to find the Life Coach School because the tools and concepts we learn there are life changing – no really they are mind blowing. I am speaking to another person this week who is considering enrolling in the course and I’m excited for her!
If you are another Aussie life coach who has certified with The Life Coach School and we haven’t met, PLEASE reach out! I will add you here but more importantly we want you to join our little growing community of badass coaches who are here to make the world a better place, one thought at a time.