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January 30, 2020

How to Gain Body Confidence

Do you know where your body confidence comes from?

It comes from the way you think about your body.

If you are thinking terrible things currently about your body you will have low body confidence.

Notice what you are thinking.

I know it feels hard.

Because when we realise all the mean things we tell ourselves about body, we beat ourselves up… for beating ourselves up!

So try something different today. Try a little compassion.

Whatever thought comes up about your body today. It’s just a thought. I know it feels TRUE. It’s not. You can decide on purpose what you want to believe about your body.

The way to create body confidence is to think new and better thoughts about your body that you currently believe.

Here is a thought for you:

“I have a body.”

It’s neutral and it’s true. Practice this thought.

And know this, when you are able to find compassion for you and your body, weight loss feels whole lot kinder. It’s also the only way to achieve permanent weight loss.

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Image by Cathal Mac An Bheatha.