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January 18, 2020

One Critical Step to Lose Weight (You might not like this)

There is a critical step that I teach in weight loss that might FEEL hard today but it makes the process of weight loss a whole lot easier.

I teach that you have to plan ahead of time.

The reasons why we must plan ahead of time is – we are human, we are wired for survival.

In the moment, when you want to pick up that delicious morsel of cheese and at the same time tell yourself that you don’t want to eat it, you are going to listen to the part of you that WANTS the cheese. Why? Well it’s actually a matter of survival. That primitive part of your brain kicks in. It’s helping you get sustenance to keep you ALIVE. The other part of your brain, the higher rational part of your brain is what can tell you the truth – that it’s not a matter of survival. The higher part of your brain has not been trained to override your primitive response yet. The way you train it, is to plan ahead of time. Make the decision about what you are going to eat and not going to eat in advance.

It’s really simple. The difficult part is learning to honour your decision. It’s totally possible. You just have to do it ONE DECISION AT A TIME.

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