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January 14, 2020

Mindset Quotes For Weight Loss

Here are some of my most popular mindset quotes for weight loss and what they mean to me.

Losing weight does not make you a different person.
You must become that different person in order to lose weight.

We think that when we lose the weight, we will ARRIVE. We think that suddenly everything will be better. We will feel happier. Our lives will be amazing. The truth is, life isn’t necessarily better when you are 10kg or 30 kg lighter. A new body size and weight does not make you happier.
The thoughts you think make you happy. And the thoughts you imagine you will think once you are at your goal weight, are available to you now! You can believe right now that you are sexy and confident.The even crazier news I have for you is, when you allow yourself to believe that, you are going to feel amazing, you are going to take action to create a body you love even more and that my friends, is how permanent weight loss works.

You cannot hate yourself thin. You CAN think yourself thin.

When you beat yourselves up about what you just ate, you feel disappointed, discouraged and defeated and when you feel disappointed discourage and defeated, you try and make yourself feel better. Usually we do this by eating. Can you see how this comes a vicious cycle?⠀

You know how to interrupt this cycle? By changing what you THINK! I’m a mindset weight loss coach and this is what I teach. You CAN think yourself thin!

You are always in charge of what you eat.

I used to feel out of control when it came to chocolate. I would buy packs on sale in the supermarket and keep them in my drawer at work and in the fridge at home. I would tell myself that I would only eat one, or sometimes I’d say I won’t have any today. And then I’d be passing the cupboard or getting something out of the drawer. I’d think “it’s just one” and the next thing I knew, I’d eat a whole bunch of them. It felt like I couldn’t say no. ⠀

I was telling my self that I was out of control. As long as I told my self that story I couldn’t be in control.⠀

I had to decide that I was in control.⠀

The truth is you are in control. You always are the one who picks up the food and puts the food in your mouth. I don’t want you to beat yourself up about this. I teach WHY we feel out of control and there is nothing wrong with you. But there is another way. Once you can admit that you have control, you can start taking control of what you put in your mouth. ⠀

Self care is NOT sitting down to eat a packet of cookies.
Self care is processing the urge, not eating the cookies and having your own back.

I used to think taking care of my self was sitting down for a cup of tea and a plate of cookies. I thought “I deserve this”. But since then I realise I deserve better. I’ve learned an alternative. To process the urge to eat the cookie and whilst not answering the urge. I have my own back. I look after my body. I take real care of me.⠀

If you are wondering what true self care looks like, one question that can help is, will this serve me in the future. Will I still be glad I took care of myself in this way in one week’s time?⠀
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