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December 19, 2019

Believing in Santa Could Lead to Weight Loss…

As our kids eyes fill with wonder and belief at Christmas time, you should do the same.


Because when you believe in something, it opens your eyes and mind to things you didn’t see before.

Little kids see the proof of Santa because they believe. They see the evidence all around them and the excitement increases.

We can do the same with weight loss!

When you believe it’s possible to be at your ideal weight permanently, you will start to see the evidence appearing all around you. The proof that you know how to honour your word to yourself, that you can do it consistently and that you actually are capable of creating what you set out to do.

When you believe, you will take action. You will change your results.

The belief starts with a tiny possibility that grows.

Look for one piece of evidence in this moment that you could lose weight. What can you find?

I am loving working with my clients. They start out thinking it’s impossible and then they grow that possibility into belief and INEVITABILITY! When they do that, the result is permanent weight loss.

It all starts with your mindset. Finding just one piece of evidence that you will reach your ideal body weight is where it can all start.

Want to grow the possibility? Email me or sign up for a 45 minute Power Session with me. We will work on your belief by turning one failure into a success. Make it your Christmas present to you.

Image by Mike Arney