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December 10, 2019

A Mindset Shift To Reduce Stress and Overwhelm at Christmas

For many years I lived in a state of almost constant stress and overwhelm.

I wanted to create amazing events, amazing experiences, so that my kids would be happy. I could then tell myself that I was an amazing mum.

I was so focused on creating the perfect event, that the stress and overwhelm would lead me to resent my kids who were preventing me creating the perfect event and I ended up being cranky.

Can you see the irony? I wasn’t showing up as the best mum I could be because I wanted to be an amazing mum.

This is what we do as humans. We think the perfect Christmas dinner, with well behaved children is what makes us feel happy and successful.

It’s not the event that makes us feel happy and successful, it’s actually the way we think about it. It’s what we make the event mean. I made it mean that I was an amazing mum.

Here’s the good news. If simply believing “I am an amazing mum” makes us happy, we don’t have to meet a quota of mind blowing activities/decorations/dishes to believe that thing. We can believe it, no matter what. The thought “I am an amazing mum” is available to you right now.

You may not believe it yet, and that’s OK.

If you don’t believe it, what if you knew that you were enough, exactly as you are. There is not a number of mince pies you can bake, that can make you more or less.

If you are putting huge expectations on yourself this Christmas… Answer this question:

If you create a spectacular Christmas, what are you going to make it mean about you?

What you make it mean is simply a thought. A thought you want to believe. Start finding evidence for how that thought is true right now.

How do you feel? A little less stressed and overwhelmed? I hope so!

When we can manage our mindset ahead of time, we are less likely to turn to food in the moment to avoid our stress and overwhelm. Did you see my latest announcement. I am making one-off coaching sessions available for people who want to try it out! You can find out more here