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December 9, 2019

What people are saying about my weight loss program…

I love working with my clients. I love witnessing my client’s lives (and bodies) change.

The truth is, I don’t create that change, THEY do.

The clients who come to me with an open mind, who are willing to do the work, change themselves from the inside out.

Losing the weight is totally possible.

Here are what a couple of my current clients are experiencing in my program (they are only half way through!)

The biggest shift so far are my physical results, my weight is the lowest I’ve been since I had my son and I’ve tried lots of things.
I like to have control of things but now I’m trying to just notice instead of relying on will power and fighting against myself.
Missy December 2019

But sometimes it’s the changes you don’t expect that mean so much more.

Since starting the weight loss program I feel more patient with myself, and kind to myself. I’m not beating myself up over my failures. I’m leaps and bounds from where I was. Nicky’s program has equipped me with tools I to continue to use. It’s been huge. I believe I can do this.
Karen November 2019

This week I will be launching something new. I am not going to do my free mini sessions anymore, so if you want to jump on the phone and experience some coaching for FREE with me, this is your last chance. Do it this week!

Free Mini Session

And keep a look out for my announcement later this week!

Nicky x

Image by Ross Findon