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December 5, 2019

Power Sessions (One off coaching sessions)

I am offering one-off coaching sessions. I’m calling them “Power Sessions” because 45 minutes of coaching could change your life.

For the entire month of February I am going to give 100% of any money earned from my Power Sessions to Food Bank Australia – they provide food to those affected by the bush fires and other people struggling to put food on the table.

Book your session below.

Coaching is for humans who want to change and grow.

I have a coach in my life. It’s the reason why I keep changing!

I specialise in weight loss but I coach on ALL topics that come up in life, that’s why I call myself a Mindset Coach.

And I’ll tell you a secret, you might see my clients lose weight and change their lives on the outside… But the truth is they are changing from the INSIDE out. It’s what I help all my clients do. (In weight loss, relationships, money, all areas of life….)

Coaching is a conversation. It’s when someone helps you see something you do not already see in yourself and helps you open your mind to what is possible. That is where all change begins.

If you are curious about my coaching, go ahead and book a Power Session with me (see schedule below). Or if you have a friend who would love a taster of life coaching, give them a voucher! Email me for vouchers.

The Power Session

People say that success is made on a pile of failures, but what does that mean? I want to show you how it’s true when it comes to weight loss. If you bring me your most recent failure, I can help you turn that one failure into success.

In one session I will give you tools that make you feel more in control around food. You will have ideas on what to do next in order to lose weight and become a healthier version of you. After our 45-minute call you will leave with a new plan (that will feel great).

I will offer you a video ahead of time, to explain what will happen in the session and you will get a personalised worksheet so you can continue the work on your own.

This offer is available to everyone, but there is a limit of one session per person, as Power Sessions are heavily discounted!

I know that it can feel scary to take that first step, but in order for you to create a different result in your life, you have to take an action you have never taken before. You have to use courage. Courage is when you take action despite the fear. A power session could be the start of your weight loss journey for the last time. You just have to show up. I will do the rest.


Sarah Johnston did a power session with me around scheduling and procrastination. This is what Sarah said:

“The Power Session covered so much ground! We covered concepts that had taken me years to accumulate – the power session pulled all the strings together. The Power Session worked and I am now working my way through the list I would rate the Power session 5 stars. Do it!”

Book now, session availability is limited!

Mindset weight loss coach Nicky Hammond hit rock bottom when she realised her years of over-achieving and search of happiness from external factors wasn’t providing the satisfaction in life she was looking for. She was miserable and turned to out of control eating for comfort. Over indulging in chocolate helped her numb self doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Nicky started working with a life coach. She worked on her mental health and got to a place where she was confident and happy. She worked on her physical well being and felt healthier than ever before. Nicky became a mindset weight loss coach and she currently helps other mums feel happier, more confident and lose weight permanently.