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November 14, 2019

Why It’s Hard to Lose Weight at Christmas Time and the Solution

One of the reasons we can’t lose weight during the festive season is because we associate the silly season with the pleasure of eating. We connect Christmas with Christmas pudding and mince pies, and ham and roast turkey. The food, the wine, the family, and gifts seem inextricably connected to Christmas. BUT they are not.

WARNING: If you love Christmas, all it’s trimmings AND how you feel afterwards, this blog post is NOT for you. However, if you usually come out the other side of Christmas wishing that you felt different and with a different number on the scales, then this blog post IS for you.

The belief that Christmas = food is just a culturally created concept. Many people subscribe to this way of thinking. BUT we don’t have to. It’s a choice!

What if you could still enjoy Christmas and come out the other side feeling amazing and weigh less than before?

If this sounds impossible, let me help you out.

The reason you overeat at Christmas, is because of what you are thinking. These thoughts may sound familiar.

“It’s not Christmas without…”
“It’s Christmas, and Christmas only comes once a year”
“I won’t get another chance to eat this for a whole 12 months”
“This is Aunty Grace’s specialty!”
“This is what Christmas is all about…”

But is it?

Want to know what you actually love about Christmas? It’s the emotions.

Joy. Connection. Love. Pleasure. Decadence. Fun.

And do you know what creates these emotions?

It’s not the Christmas Pudding and fancy French Champagne – it’s actually your thoughts.

Start noticing this in your life.

It’s great news, because you can create all those emotions, WITHOUT overeating. You can create those feelings with your thoughts.

You can find things OTHER than food that trigger you to think these thoughts and feel the emotions you seek.

“This is so fun” creates joy.
“I feel so close to them” creates connection.
“I love them” creates love.
“This feels good” creates pleasure.
“I’m spoiling me” creates decadence.
“I’m enjoying this” creates fun.

You have a choice. You always get to decide.

If you are willing to challenge your beliefs about Christmas, if you are willing to believe that joy, connection, love, pleasure, decadence and fun are created by something else, you can refrain from the over indulgence of Christmas.

In order to create new results, we have to take different actions, we have to think new things. Are you willing to challenge your current thinking to change your current results? If you need help, reach out!