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October 30, 2019

Losing weight… What’s the rush?

Are you in a rush to lose weight? Are you feeling panicked and you wish it happened yesterday?

So many mums tell me that they wish that they could finally lose weight so they could feel confident, sexy and successful (enough).

They are in a rush because they think everything will be different when they have that body and they think that they have ARRIVED.

I have news for you. The reason we feel confident, sexy and successful is because of what we are thinking. TRULY!

“I feel like I can do anything” makes us feel confident.
“Hubby is going to love this body, I love this body!” makes us feel sexy.
“I did it!” makes us feel successful.

You may not think these thoughts are true right now, BUT these thoughts are available to you. They are simply thoughts. If you believed them, you would be feeling confident, sexy and successful.

I help women change their mindset. We think that you will feel these emotions once you have lost the weight. The opposite is actually true. You need to feel these emotions in order to lose the weight.

I help you create a mindset so you can create the feelings of confidence, sexy and success, so you can lose the weight.

The truth is, we are all in a rush sometimes. It’s how our brain works! We want to feel that emotion. But the rushing sabotages us. It is what drives us to do crazy short term diets, we don’t make sustainable changes and when we are in a rush if we don’t see results immediately we get discouraged and we stop.

I am not going to rush you. I want to help you go to the root of the problem and I want to help you solve it PERMANENTLY.

I have a Christmas program for mums who want to get ready for all the events and LOSE weight this silly season. It’s possible to lose weight. In fact I guarantee you will lose weight or I will give you your money back. BUT I am not in a rush. This is the last week that I will advertise my Christmas weight loss program.

If you have been interested to learn more here is who the program is for. It’s for mums who:

  • – want to look great and feel great at that Christmas Party.
    – want to feel in control around the delicious culinary delights of the season – and come out the other side of Christmas feeling good about themselves and their body.
    – want help dealing with the emotions that come with Christmas – the stress and overwhelm when you think of the food, the gifts, the children, the family and all the chaos that comes with Christmas.
    – want support and motivation to be prepared ahead of time.
    – want to lose weight PERMANENTLY!

If this is you, and you want to learn more about my program, jump on a call with me. Find a time in my schedule, grab a cup of tea and let’s chat!

We will chat about what is preventing you from currently losing weight, I’ll give you at least one powerful tool with actionable steps to use instead of turning to food.

PS One of my recent clients Suse, said this about my program:
I feel like I’m now myself whilst before I was hiding behind fear. I no longer process fear to the same extent as before as I know I will find a solution – it might not be obvious to me at this point but its there. Since I’m not afraid of failure anymore – I’m going to find that solution. I realised the program was working when When day to day life was becoming more easier and enjoyable because I was taking care of myself and believing in myself. I would give give the program 5 stars because it has changed my life (and those around me) so much!! It’s so refreshing to not hold back anymore and well it’s good to not always be avoiding or putting things off anymore! I feel like I’m not trapped in my head anymore – I’ve just got more constructive thoughts! Thanks so much for releasing/helping me find myself!!