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September 7, 2019

The thought “I’m not that kind of person” tells me a lot about you….

Do you ever think “I’m not that kind of person”?

I know if you are thinking this thought that you are using evidence from your past, as proof of who you are right now. I know that you are limiting yourself to what you have been capable of in the past.

The good news is, you get to choose if you want to keep doing this.

When you use the past for evidence of what you can create, you stop evolving and growing. You stagnate. You become stuck!

I know this is true because just three years ago I was in a job that was the exact same job I had 15 years before. Same job title, same job description and same pay rate.

At the time I thought it was impossible for me to do anything else… I didn’t think I was the kind of person who could get a promotion. Who could be in a leadership role. Who could be paid more.

The thing that changed for me was I stopped believing my thought “I’m not that  kind of person”.

I just decided that I was someone different. And now I’m a leader in my coaching community, I run my own business, I make more than double what I was making in my previous job. I changed and my life and became MORE of who I want to be.

If you think “I’m not the kind of person who loses weight and keeps it off” or “I’m not the kind of person who says no to an offer of food”…. These thoughts are holding you back from becoming the person you want to become.

You have the ability to decide that you are not going to use the past as proof to limit you. You can use your imagination of the future to propel you forward. There are no limits to what you can create in your future! You just have to be willing to let go of the past and become More of who you want to be.

Image by Joshua Cole.