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September 7, 2019

Self Care – Including Your Mental Well Being

I define “self care” as taking care of our own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Are you taking care of your basic physical needs?

Sleep, water, food that fuels our body, health, rest and activity.

Sounds so basic but so many of us mums don’t think about these basic needs. You could ask yourself in this moment, are you making sure that you are consuming water regularly every day, getting enough sleep, eating foods that fuel your body, maintaining a healthy body by being active, resting when needed and seeing medical professionals when you have health concerns.

Stop for a moment. Make an assessment. If there is an area you can improve, make a note.

When it comes to emotional and mental wellbeing, most of us are not taught how to maintain them. I want to help you with this.

We are taught in life that in order to feel better we can change the circumstances around us. We must create a network of people (family and friends) to provide us with love and connection. We must find a job or hobbies that we find meaningful to create feelings of accomplishment. We must take actions in order build self esteem.

I teach something a bit different. It’s not the people around us, our job or the actions we take that create mental and emotional well being.

We create mental and emotional well being inside of ourselves. We create mental well being with our mind set. Our mental well being simply comes from the thoughts we are thinking.

So what are you thinking? Start to take note. You can decide on purpose what you want to think. Be deliberate.

Our emotional well being comes from our ability and willingness to allow and process the full spectrum of emotions. Emotional well being does not mean we feel great all the time. In fact I believe that half the time we are going to feel negative emotion. If we are able to take care of our own emotional life, the good feelings, the bad feelings and even the ugly ones, then we can create emotional well being.

You can start doing this by increasing your awareness about the emotions that come up. Don’t run away and hide from them. Explore them and be curious. This is the first step to emotional well being.

It’s like if you go to a doctor for a rash, he keeps prescribes a cream and some antihistamine. If one of them works the rash may go away and you will feel relief. But if the rash reappears, you have to go back to the doctor. You have to buy the cream and the pills. If they don’t work, you go back to square one.  The alternative is figuring out what was caused the rash in the first place. Then you would be able to prevent the rash ahead of time.

That is what I think is the ultimate in basic self care, when we can go to the root of the problem, we can pre-emptively take care of our own mental and emotional well being. This is what I teach women in my program. It’s not only the key to permanent weight loss, it’s the key to creating anything you want in life.

Image by Jez Timms.