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August 27, 2019

You eat to avoid this one thing

If you are overweight, and you want to lose weight, there is a simple solution.

It’s simple but not easy and I want to explain why it’s so hard AND give you the solution.

In order to lose weight you need to eat less, consume less food and intake less fuel.

It’s so simple yet the part that is not easy is dealing with one thing you eat to avoid.


Think about it.

If you were willing to feel the desire and not answer it.

If you were willing to feel deprivation, instead of eating the cake.

If you didn’t use food to numb yourself and escape from stress, overwhelm, sadness, frustration, shame, anger, boredom…

Then you could simply eat less and you would be your ideal weight.

The reason it’s so hard to eat less is because of how our brain works. Our brain is designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure in order to keep us alive. So instead of experiencing the emotion, we seek the pleasure in the form of food. I call it buffering. Some people use alcohol, other people use Netflix or social media and others use shopping, sex, pornography. Our world is surrounded with easily available pleasure. In order to avoid succumbing to the pleasure in the moment, we must engage the evolved part of our brain. We must think deliberately. We must plan ahead of time.

Here is one thing you can work on today. Decide ahead of time why you want to lose weight. Make the reason really compelling. Remind yourself of that reason regularly. When you have the opportunity to make a decision to eat or not eat, remind yourself of that reason. Is that reason powerful enough to stop you from picking up the cookie? Make a reason that is so powerful you are willing to feel deprivation.

Image by Marian Chinciusan