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August 21, 2019

Out of Sight Out of Mind – Why hiding the treats isn’t serving you in the long term

Women tell me one diet hack is to make sure that the foods that they struggle with most, are not in the house. They don’t buy ice-cream. They don’t leave chocolate in the cupboard. They make sure that they are out of temptations way.

I hear this works. If you don’t have food, you can’t eat it.

But what happens is, you simply are denying yourself food that you desire by way of unavailability. You prohibit yourself from the food by force. The food is simply not available, so you can’t eat it.

When you do this, you are not practicing self control and self restraint.

You are not practicing saying no.

The problem arises when you are in a situation where you have access to the food you most desire and wish you didn’t. It might feel like you just opened the floodgates. You end up going to go crazy for that food! You won’t just have a spoonful, you will keep filling up your bowl and have as much as you can.

Denying yourself the food by making it unavailable is increasing your desire for that food!

I teach my clients how to manage their urges and creating control around food that they do have access to. This is how to learn how to feel in control around food. It’s also how you reduce your desire for certain food! It means that the future you, doesn’t have to fear being in the same room as a certain type of food, you can trust yourself to do what is best for you in the moment. To honour your commitment and say “no” or say “yes” and eat what you had planned.

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Image by Ryoji Iwata