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August 1, 2019

How to Lose Weight and Still Eat What You Want

I’m wondering if you think the following:

Losing weight = Dieting = Deprivation = No choice

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I just tell my clients to throw the dieting mentality out the window.


Instead of focusing on what you can’t have, you could focus on what you can have.

The power of what I teach is in increasing your awareness about what you eat and why. You always get to choose.

You are allowed to eat 1 giant tub of ice-cream. BUT I’m going to ask you why you want to eat it.

I’m going to ask you what result eating a giant tub of ice-cream is going to have in your life.

I’m going to ask if you really do want to eat a giant tub of ice-cream.

You always get to choose.

Once you increase your awareness. Once you give yourself the gift of being able to make a conscious choice. When you take the time to decide FOR you, the decisions you make are considered. They are kinder and more compassionate. Sometimes it might look like eating ice-cream and sometimes it looks like not eating it.

And when you make that conscious choice to eat the ice-cream, you don’t feel guilty, you get to enjoy every mouthful.

One of the tools I teach in my coaching program “The Healthy Mama Weight Loss Program” is joy eats. A joy eat is when you can regularly indulge in a food for pleasure. The reason for this is so the way you eat is sustainable. When you know that you can treat yourself you are much more likely to be able to sustain that way of eating forever. It also teaches you how to eat something purely for pleasure and still feel in control. Often people tell me how they go off diet and it’s a slippery slope to eat-whatever-you-want. When you learn to have a joy eat regularly, you don’t fear food. You feel completely calm, cool and collected. Even when tempted by a mountain of deliciousness.

Do you wish that you could eat what you want and still lose weight? Sign up for a free mini session with here. I can give you ideas on how to overcome your current weight loss struggles.