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July 24, 2019

I am a Weight Loss Coach Who Still Eats Pizza

I teach people how to lose weight. I am very conscious about the food I eat – all the time. BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t eat pizza. In fact, I ate pizza last night and it was amazing.

Eating pizza is not a terrible thing.

Eating pizza can be fun, delicious and a pleasurable experience.

I will never tell my clients to not eat pizza.

I teach my clients how to be conscious about the food they eat.

The difference is when you eat pizza driven by desire, you go unconscious and just eat it. And then you regret it afterwards.

Compared with when you decide ahead of time, when you like the reason you have decided to eat pizza, then you enjoy each bite. And you don’t regret it afterwards.

My weight coaching program is NOT about using will power. It’s about making decisions that you like and staying conscious about the food you eat. It’s about creating a long term approach to food, increasing your desire to eat foods that fuels your body so you can sometimes eat pizza – because you want to.

It sounds like a lot of thinking about food, but actually when you do it the way I teach, you think about food way less.

If you are ready to learn a new approach to food that is a new way of living, sign up for a free mini session with me here.