What The F*#@ is a Weight Coach Anyway?

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So you might be wondering what is a weight coach and why would you need one. I’m going to tell you and how to choose a weight coach if you decide you need one.

So what is weight coaching? In the very simplest term:

Weight coaching is the process of being guided to lose weight.

A weight coach will help show you why you have the current results you have and guide you to create different results with the tools and knowledge they share with you. A great weight coach will identify the root of the problem, not just the symptoms like overeating, and give you the tools to sustain weight loss for the rest of your life.

A weight coach is going to be honest with you. They will show you truths that other people will not share with you, so you can grow. A great coach will show you all of this from a neutral place whilst holding the space for you with love and then show you how it’s possible for you to do this for yourself.

A weight coach understands their clients better than the client understands themselves. They can show the client their blind spots. A great coach will be able to pre-empt what is going to happen for the client so they can prepare for obstacles and teach their client how to do the same for themselves.

A coach will help you get results quickly – quicker than you could have by yourself. A great coach helps you overcome obstacles and deal with all of the trials of life in order to reach your desired weight. A great coach will teach you the tools so you can implement them in your own life, even when you are no longer being coached.

My friend, colleague and coach Stacey Boehman once said “A coach is hired by your dreams to make sure you don’t fuck up.”

When you believe in your dreams, then you realise that the worst case scenario is actually missing out on the best case scenario.

If you want to hire a coach, this is my advice to you.

Get on a call first. Make sure you are a good fit. Choose a coach that you like, trust and respect.

Trust yourself to make a decision and once you make that decision, go ALL IN.

If you are wondering if we might be a good fit, then sign up for a mini session with me. I do a powerful before and after process where I am going to show you the truth of where you are now and together we will uncover the potential of your the future.

Have an amazing week!

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