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May 8, 2019

The Power of One Small Action

You might think it only counts once it’s a habit, once your have mastered something or once you can actually see results.

This kind of thinking is holding you back.

You aren’t noticing what you have achieved. Instead you are noticing what you HAVEN’T achieved. When you haven’t reached the “destination” you desire, you put pressure on yourself to get there. You push yourself forward because you believe that there is better than here. The pressure creates fear and scarcity. You THINK it drives you forward to take action, but it actually slows you down and it drains you of energy. The alternative is to take action without the pressure. You can take action because you want to.

When you take one small action, instead of beating yourself up for not having succeeded yet, you could celebrate that one small action. That one small action is incredibly important. That one small action repeated is what gets you results. When you acknowledge that one small action. When you give yourself credit. That’s when you will be inspired to take that one small action again, and again, and again.

The people who the importance of one small action, are the ones who meet their goals and make their dreams come true. Just one action. It’s powerful. You can start today.

Post below if you want to celebrate one small action with me. It could be ordering a small coffee instead of a large. It could be skipping your usual dessert after lunch. No matter how small, notice it, acknowledge it, celebrate it. For YOU.

Image by Mike Erskine.