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March 27, 2019

Why Mums Can’t Stop Hiding in the Pantry

I’m going to teach you yet another reason why you turn to food. Why am I teaching you this? Because knowledge is power!

We live in a world where we are surrounded by extreme pleasure. Have you noticed how easy it is to buy pleasure? An ice-cream or a handful of chocolate bars at the service station… a bottle wine of from the shop or a glass of pinot from the new bar on the corner… A spoonful of Nutella from your cupboard (I’ve been there).

We are so surrounded by pleasure. It’s hard to escape. When we overuse an immediate pleasure like food, or wine, or Netflix or shopping, I call it buffering!

There are people who don’t buffer. I am now one of them. I can have a chocolate bar in the fridge and not even think about it.

I learned how to do this by tackling the root of the problem. Before you tackle the problem, you have to know what it is.

The reason you eat is so you can avoid experiencing emotions you don’t want to feel. Think about it. You feel harassed and hassled by the kids and you sneak over to the pantry for some relief. The pleasure the food brings you helps you avoid feeling harassed in the moment. What we don’t think about in the moment is that we end up feeling worse about ourselves in the long run. We don’t keep promises we make to ourselves to stop sneaking that spoonful of nutella from the cupboard. We feel exhausted and overwhelmed, so we keep eating. The result for us is that we lose trust in ourselves and we never lose weight. The other not so great news is that the negative feelings don’t just go away. They get stored up and usually explode out as anger or anxiety at a later date.

There is an alternative to avoiding the emotions by eating. It’s processing emotions. It’s a skill I teach.

Do you want to learn this skill? I’m happy to teach you! Sign up to a free mini session here. I’ll teach you how to process your feelings, I’ll coach you and if you want to   know more about my weight loss program I am happy to tell you more and answer any questions.

Image by Jason Leung.