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February 14, 2019

The Secret to Body Confidence

Do you wish you had a different body? Do you think that if your body was a certain way – slimmer waistline, smaller thighs, tighter butt – then you would feel confident?

I have some news for you.

Sit down.

Your body is not what makes you feel unconfident or confident.

It’s the thoughts you think about your body that make you feel that way.

You have a body. You have thoughts about your body. If they are negative thoughts you will feel unconfident. If you think positive thoughts you will feel confident.

Someone could have the same body as you and exude killer confidence.

They could LOVE having that body.

Someone could have a body that you consider amazing and they could hate their body.

This is all great news for you. Because you can CHOOSE what you want to think about your body!

You might not be able to suddenly believe you LOVE your body. But you don’t have to hate it.

You can choose to think the thought “I have a body”.

Doesn’t it feel better than “I hate my body” or “my body is gross”?

The more you practice it, the more automatic that thought will become, until this becomes your default belief.

Then you can choose to believe something different – my body is strong, I like my body, my body is beautiful…

When we think about our body from a place of love and acceptance, we take care of it. We fuel it with nourishing food and we make it stronger and healthier by exercising and taking care of it.

Image by Anastasia Duglier.