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February 9, 2019

People With Amazing Lives Still Feel Emotional Pain
Do you have an amazing life, so amazing that people you meet comment on your life, how lucky you are and yet you feel empty or aching inside?
The women that I work with are amazing. Many of them have an incredible life, they have had a successful career, they are married to incredibly successful men, they have a beautiful family, they can afford to buy luxuries, they organise exciting family holidays, they don’t need to work, they are dedicated and loving stay at home mums. And yet inside there is pain.
Sometimes these women don’t want to tell anyone about their pain, they hide it. There is a feeling of shame that comes with letting the world know what lies beneath the perfect looking veneer, that by speaking about it means they don’t appreciate their life and what the rest of the world considers success.
I just want to tell you, if you are one of these mums, the pain does not have to be there, you can feel better, you can fill the hole that is burning inside of you, to feel whole and step into well being.
There is a layer of unnecessary pain that you can remove simply by ending your argument with reality. A very wise woman one said “When you argue with reality, you lose, but only 100% of the time” Byron Katie. Notice whenever a “should” comes up and start questioning it.
Your relationships can improve without you doing more for the people in your life, simply by working on your beliefs and your expectations.
And, I can tell you what is missing from your life? Your own personal evolution. I felt that pain, I felt incomplete, I looked back at my past and saw missed opportunities and looked to my future and saw the same, until my perspective shifted. I started to be kinder to me, to look at the future with a twinkle in my eye at the possibilities that awaited, I turned my back on the past and started taking action. I don’t feel that emptiness anymore. I’m not going to lie to you. I feel a different kind of discomfort. A discomfort that comes from growing and evolving into a new version of me. I still feel fear and doubt and shame. But I feel ALIVE and completely in control of my life. I would choose the discomfort of growing as a person and stepping into a new version of me any day.
Does this resonate with you? You don’t have to hide. I can give you some tools to feel better right away. I love sharing this powerful work! Come and see for yourself how powerful these tools can really be, start here.
Image by Ornella Bini, Unsplash