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February 6, 2019

The Sneaky Thing Our Brain Does to Keep us Eating Chocolate

Are you the kind of mum who hides in the cupboard pretending to look for something, but you are really stuffing chocolate into you mouth?

I was that mum.

Let’s be honest here. I had a chocolate addiction.

I had a desk drawer filled with chocolate at work. I would finish off the kids Halloween candy. And whenever I had children free time I would eat something decadent and sweet. Eating something sweet meant I could relax and I it was a reward for all the hard work I did as a mum.

Afterwards I would feel terrible. I’d get a sugar rush and then a huge slump in energy. I felt sluggish. I was putting on weight. I felt unhealthy. I seemed to need more and more chocolate and sweets.

Is this you?

Our brains are designed this way. We crave the dopamine hit we get when we allow ourselves a chocolate. It feels amazing when we go to eat the chocolate. Then the sugar feels amazing. Then we are looking for that next sweet thing. Our brain wants us to increase the dopamine hit to get the same effect. The next thing we know, to satiate our cravings we are eating more and more sweet stuff.


It feels impossible but it is possible to stop this cycle. I did it and you can too. I was a self confessed chocoholic. Now I eat chocolate every few months. I don’t think about dessert.

The way you do it is simple (not easy). You stop rewarding yourself with chocolate. You rewire your brain so chocolate is no longer a reward. You do this by learning how to handle the urge to eat that sweet treat.

When you learn how to do these things, you feel better in your body but also about yourself.

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Image by Charisse Kenion