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December 7, 2018

Why You Overeat
I am a certified Weight Coach. I’ve used the tools I teach to quit chocolate (I’m a recovered chocoholic), flatten my stomach and maintain a weight that I love.
Before I tell you the cause of overeating, I want to tell you that you cannot hate your body thin! I’m going to give you a tool that you can start using today to help you on this journey at the end of this blog post.
If you have ever tried to lose weight using will power to stop overeating, you will know that it doesn’t work. It’s simply NOT sustainable. The reason it doesn’t work is because you are not addressing the root of the problem.
The root of the problem and the reason you over eat is OVERDESIRE! It’s a thought error in your brain.
The thought error is created by cultural conditioning. The idea that food should be pleasurable, that it should be abundant and that we should use it as entertainment.
The other cause is how our brain is wired. It’s wired to seek pleasure. Our brain releases a dopamine every time we experience a pleasure. That chemical is what drives us and motivates us to seek more pleasure.
When we eat healthy food, dopamine is released in a measured way that keeps us seeking more. But when we eat something concentrated like flour and sugar we get a surge of dopamine and our desire is artificially increased. We experience overdesire. The more we consume the more desire we create and this perpetuates a never ending cycle of overdesire.
So when we don’t address the overdesire, we feel out of control.
My weight coaching teaches you how to address that overdesire.
But I mentioned that I am going to give you a tool today to start this journey. In order to have the body you want, you have to love the body you are in right now. So I want to offer you an idea. If you are reading this blog post, I’m guessing that you have a low opinion of your body right now. In order to change this today, I want you to decide to think something different about your body. Something you believe. What if you decided that in stead of believing “I have an ugly body” or “I hate my body” you simply decided to think “I have a body”. It’s neutral and something that you can believe. Put it on a sticky note and put it on your mirror and remind yourself of this every day until you are ready to think something new.
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Image by Jennifer Palian.