Demystifying Aussie Communication – Part 3 Australian English for Foreigners

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We speak English and yet even American’s can have problems understanding our soft “r”s, our lazy endings, the words we love to abbreviate and our mumbling (lets be honest we don’t speak the Queen’s English anymore).
Yes, it’s English. We use the British spelling (oh and we use the metric system). Australian English is a unique manifestation of the English Language. Anthony Burgess wrote that “Australian English may be thought of as a kind of fossilised Cockney of the Dickensian era.” I don’t know about history but I love sharing some of the doozies we have here. (I mean the remarkable examples we have here.)
Here are some of our crazy abbreviations to get you start:
Arvo – afternoon
Brolly – Umbrella
Brekky- breakfast
Devo – Devastated
Straya – Australia
Ya- you
Togs- swimming costume
Servo – service station (where you buy petrol for the car)
U-ey – U turn (in a car)
How are you coping with understanding Australian English? Every week I share at least one example of Australian slang in my Instagram account. If you want to learn some fun new Aussie words and get some life coaching wisdom, follow me. My Instagram handle is Nickyhammond_Lifecoaching.

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