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November 7, 2018

Ewwww, Self help
I’m a life coach who was pretty recently REPULSED by self help. There I said it. If you had said to me some glib and mushy quote like “Love is always an option” (which by the way I recently published on Instagram), I would have wanted to Taser you!
I went to a school where we were rational and intellectual and atheism was revered. I was afraid to publicly announce my entry into my new career as life coach public for fear of rolling eyes and criticism. (Don’t worry, I got coaching for that!)
I even coached someone who attended my school, she totally understood my dilemma and she asked (in typical style of the students of my school) “So what is the research and evidence this work is based on?” At that time I shrugged and said the hundreds of thousands of people who are listening to my teachers podcast, who are participating in her program or coaching with her graduated coaches whose lives are changing and the fact it worked on me. Oh weak!
But after doing the work she also converted.
Why? Because self help makes you feel better.
Self help are tools to help you shape your life into the one you desire.
I am a convert, it’s true. I am currently reading “Awaken the Giant Within”, by Anthony Robbins. That’s cheesy guy who I used to use an example of embarrassing, mindless positivity, who I believed was tricking people into giving their money in exchange for an ingenuine and useless performance.
I don’t think this blog post will change your mind about self help, but I just want you to notice what beliefs you might have about the self help industry or any other industry for that matter that might prevent you from exploring its validity. There are still lots of industries, ideas concepts that my sceptical, analytical and rigid mind doesn’t want to explore but a little seed has been planted. Initially the thought “there might possible be a tiny chance that there is validity in that crazy idea” and as I journey further into the world of possibility more doors are opening. The result? More is available to me to learn, experience and the potential is mind blowing. This Tony guy is actually pretty cool, if I apply his work, I think my life is going to get better!
PS Since coaching my friend from school I have since discovered Positive Psychology, evidence based research that supports this work! Boom!
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Image by Ivan Rojas Urrea, Unsplash