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September 27, 2018

When Perfectionism Steals Our Dreams
Perfectionism is crippling.
I should know I’m a recovering perfectionist.
It stops you from showing up in the world.
And if you are too afraid of taking action you are just failing ahead of time.
You waste time waiting for the perfect moment.
You expend time and energy on tiny details.
It’s exhausting.
The result is, that you are stuck, or you move forward at a snails pace.
Alternatively, you can give up perfectionism.
You can decide right now that done is better than perfect and get to work.
You can create and be fuelled with energy by what you create.
The result is you move towards your goal and you don’t even beat yourself up for that imperfection.
Done is better than perfect.
Don’t go for A+, go for B-
Image by Perchek Industrie