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May 21, 2018

When You are Yearning for Something Else or Something More
I just listened to an amazing podcast.
My teacher Brooke Castillo interviewed a woman by the name of Dr Sasha Heinz. She is a fellow The Life Coach School Certified coach, and also a doctor of psychology. (Check out the podcast here.)
The interview is about positive psychology. Something I really know nothing about.
Sasha and Brooke talked a lot about the people who on the surface have and amazing life, and yet inside feel empty. Something is missing or they want to do something else/something more. They are the kind of people that are envied by many, on the surface they are a success, yet they are feeling emotional pain and they hide this. They can’t tell other people about the pain they feel, because they feel like their pain isn’t real or important.
This really resonated with me. A mum with two beautiful children, an incredible husband, a really wonderful life and yet something was missing.
Brooke and Sasha discussed the difference between a drive to reach a destination, chasing goals, reaching milestones fuelled by a burning desire to “get there”. Apposed to a person who is growing from a place of abundance. A person who reaches for more in order to grow into the person they want to become. Not because of the feeling they think they will experience at the destination, but for the joy they experience, the sense of completeness they feel in the process of evolving. YESSSSSSS! That’s the difference! That’s me, and those are the mums that I want to work with!
I learned two new terms.
GRIT is the ability to persevere through being a beginner and being shitty at something in order to get to FLOW. Flow is that place where you become so absorbed in activity, time just disappears. You don’t find joy in that moment but you realise the joy it brings, afterwards.
The people who have grit, get to flow. And getting to FLOW is an essential part of existing in a state of well-being.
Whoah. Does anyone else LOVE these ideas? I’m starting my journey, and incredible women like Brooke Castillo and Dr Sasha Heinz are an inspiration for the kind of person I am becoming. I’m excited for the future.
My mum asked me last night “Where do you find the motivation?” My answer is I love this process and I find motivation in embracing the grit, moving towards the flow and finding inspiration in the person I am going to become.
Is there a feeling that something is missing in your life? Do you want more? Looking for something different? I know how that feels and I can help you find what you are looking for. If this resonates with you, I want to offer you a free mini session. A thirty minute call with me to discuss how you can find motivation and feel excited about your future. Just schedule a call here. I have one opening a week for a free mini session. So book now!
Image by Ian Froome.