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May 18, 2018

How to Become a Schedule Lover
I love a good To Do List. It feels so good making a list of all the things that need to get done. And then ticking them off feels AMAZING! Are you with me so far?
Then how about plugging all those things that need to get done into your diary. How does that feel? For me it feels crap. Making a commitment and saying at 11am, I’m going to sit in my chair and write a blog post. I’m going to complete it, publish it and share it on social media by 12pm and move onto a new task. My brain hurts.
Your primitive brain HATES the idea of making a commitment and putting it in a diary. It says “don’t be ridiculous, you can’t do that, what if something more important comes up or you might not feel like it, you might not have any inspiration”. When my brain says this I know it’s working perfectly. I let it have a little tantrum and then I get to work. I know my primitive brain is trying to be efficient and it doesn’t want me to take any risks by doing something new.
If you haven’t really been a fan of scheduling before, I’m going to convert you today.
I schedule 3 months in advance. Your primitive brain is going to have another tantrum. It’s going to tell you that it’s impossible, how could you possibly know three months in advance? But actually, you do. You just have to ask your brain the right questions! And then your brain will think it’s just a bad idea in general.
But it’s not.
I have truly found freedom in my schedule. When I plan and prioritise ahead of time, the important stuff gets taken care of! I know what is coming up. I don’t have to make decisions in the moment. I can focus 100% on one task at a time. I know in advance what I am going to achieve and when. And my free time is totally free. I don’t worry about stuff on my to do list in my free time, because in my mind, it’s already taken care of. I am getting a shitload of stuff done. I mean I am creating loads of content and I feel energised!!!
Do you believe me? The only way you can truly know how amazing it feels is by giving it a go and if you are willing to join me on this journey, beware because you are going to create incredible results in your life! And along the way you are going to learn some skills that are going to propel you towards your wildest dreams.
I’m working with clients right now on scheduling in detail. If you want some extra help you can find it here.
I want to give you some pointers to get started:
  • It’s a journey and it’s not going to be perfect. Things will go wrong and that’s OK, know that you are going to be kind to yourself and keep moving forward. You’ve got this!
  • Get really clear on what your priorities are and constrain. Write down your top 5 priorities in life in order of priority. Then pick one thing to focus on for the next 3 months – that is the number 1 priority!
  • Write down every single thing that needs to get done, in as much detail as possible.
  • Allow yourself an amount of time to complete that task and do not work more than that allotted amount of time.
  • Embrace a B-minus attitude. Better done than perfect, right?
  • Always honour your commitments in your schedule.
  • Schedule in your free time FIRST!
The amazing thing about scheduling is that you will no longer be buffeted by the winds of life, you are in the driver seat and you get to choose the destination. Are you converted yet? I’ve gotta go publish this and post it on social media. Grab your to do list and get started!
You won’t regret it.
Image by Estee Janssens, Unsplash