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May 15, 2018

Personal Mastery
I googled it and found this description:
“Personal mastery is something that we all want to achieve, whether we know it or not. It is about our journey towards continuous improvement and seeing life from a different perspective. Personal mastery is guided by principles such as purpose, vision, belief, commitment and knowing oneself.”
I think that’s a great description. That we all want to achieve something whether we know it or not. I think the people that don’t know, are the people who are restless, who have that feeling of regret or missing purpose. I think most of the people in the room know what we need to achieve personal mastery – commitment, perseverance, self belief.
But I want to ask the question what is standing in our way? And I think the answer to that question is self doubt, not knowing ourselves, lack of commitment and excuses.
Excuses are a huge robber of dreams. We get scared, we decide that its too hard. We all do it! I did it last week when I realised I hadn’t started preparing the speech that I was due to give tonight. So I wrote to the event organiser a week ago and told him to find a replacement. It was just yesterday when I was talking to another speaker, I was trying to encourage her to do a speech without preparation, that I realised that I should have been having that pep talk with myself. So I stand before you, hopefully as an example. I realised that I was focused on one goal. The goal was to deliver a speech with lots of preparation. But I offer that there isn’t just one thing that I can master, there are lots of other things and if we change our perspective and focus just a little, we can work towards mastering something, no matter what obstacles stand in our way. For me tonight, when I give my speech (yes I changed my mind!), I want to master speech making with limited preparation, working under pressure, finding the confidence to double down with no excuses and just doing my best no matter what. What about you? Are you making excuses? What can you focus on mastering today?
Image by Aditya Sazena.