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April 11, 2018

Creating More Time For You
Do you believe that time is your most valuable asset? I do.
So how can we create more time for us?
It’s totally possible!
Time is a mental construct.
Busy is mental construct. Take the word “busy” out of your vocabulary. There is always enough time. Truly. Just be planned and deliberate.
Learn how to say “no”. Here is a lesson in how to say no. “No”. “No thank you”. “Thank you, no”. You are welcome!
Make decisions in a swift and decisive manner. A decision takes an instant. Make a decision and do not waver. There is no wrong decision. If a decision doesn’t create the desired outcome, you are still one step closer to where you want to end up.
Schedule and plan ahead of time including your free time and time to be spontaneous.
Commit to your schedule and honour that commitment no matter what.
If you slip up, have your own back. Ask yourself what went wrong and plan to improve tomorrow.
If you follow these ideas and concepts that I offer you, you will find that your free time will feel abundant and free of guilt and obligation. You will be creating more results in your life which will help you to grow as a person, to reach the goals you are aiming for, to feel the benefits of personal well being and fuelling yourself with energy from feeling abundant in time.
I can help you work on all of these concepts. If you want to know more I offer one free mini session each week. You can can schedule a mini session here. It’s a 30 minute conversation with me. I can teach you more about the concepts and if you are interested to know how you can continue to work with me I can discuss that with you. There is never any pressure to continue coaching with me, I only work with people who love this work – like I do!
Image by Joseph Greve, Unsplash