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March 7, 2018

Finding Joy in Hard Things – Going All In
I’ve been invited to speak on a podcast called “Go All In” and one of the questions I was asked in the pre-interview questionnaire is give an example of where I have gone “all in”. I gave an example and then I started to really wonder if I had ever “gone all in”.
Have you?
Have you set a goal and you were determined to “go all in” on no matter what until you reached that goal? Taken action, no matter how many times you have failed? Pursued that goal despite the emotional discomfort with everything you’ve got?
I’m not sure that I’ve ever really “gone all in” before. Previously if you had asked me what it feels like, I would have said it feels being blindfolded and using a giant hammer to obliterate a rock. The action feels scary and laboured. I repeat it. I think I’m going to feel amazing once the rock is broken into tiny bits but there’s really no end to this task. The rocks get smaller. I get bored and stop. I think a sledgehammer might get me there faster and more easily. It’s just as hard. So I try a mallet and so the journey continues.
Since becoming a coach, it feels completely different. I don’t have a blindfold and the objective of using the hammer is the process – to build my muscles and to put my head on the pillow at the end of the day knowing that I have worked hard. The rocks will become smaller, they will eventually become pebbles and then they will become dust, there is no end to this journey but I keep doing it FOR ME. I get sore arms, I hit myself in the foot, I fail but I keep coming back because I know that it’s all part of the process. I also enjoy the pebbles along the way and then the dust.
These days, I “go all in” everyday and this is how it feels for me:
  • It feels like a choice.
  • It doesn’t feel pressured.
  • It feels fun.
  • It feels like fear and courage.
  • It feels like commitment and belief.
  • But ultimately like joy.
I truly believe that I don’t need to create anything external in order for me to be “enough”. I’m choosing to create a goal and focus on a destination because I want to grow as a person. I know that the journey will be challenging and that is how I am going to become the person I want to become. I believe that I am going to create amazing things in the future.
The alternative is not to believe, to not create incredible results, to stay where I am right now, in the comfort of familiarity but also wondering what could have been.
Do you want to “go all in”? If you want more help, message me and I’ll help you!
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Image by Gabriel Jimenez, Unsplash